“I love adventure and for me working with animals brings a new daily adventure. I especially get excited when I have to transform a client from what I like to call “rags to riches” – when a client comes in with matted, greasy hair and they leave looking like a whole new pet. It’s never been about the money for me, I enjoy having full days transforming every animal possible. As the days are almost over, I still feel energized.  Luana Pierre, Pawsome Pets Guyana
Luana Pierre, Pawsome Pets Guyana

“Awesomeness. I went in all shaggy and cute and came out fantabulously groomed! See you guys for my next appointment. Love Kairo”

Mini Husky reviews and services at Pawsome Pets GuyanaGericia Francis , Owner

“So happy that Winston got amazing service and grooming, we love Pawsome Pets!”

Schnauzer Post Grooming, reviews and services at Pawsome Pets GuyanaMax Welch, Owner

“Champ went in for his grooming and came out looking like his name! Thank you Pawsome”

Michelle Gomes, Owner

“Went in a shaggy dog, came out part human. Very professional and super nice staff.”

Dog GroomingMarsha Ton-Chung, Owner

“Excellent Service. Magic came back looking like a new dog.”

Dog Grooming - Husky - reviews and services for pawsome pets guyanaSaskia Mcclintock, Owner

“Princess Sasha is so relieved..she had a bath and treatment for ticks…..left looking and feeling fine with her Halloween bandana.
Pawsome Is awesome.”

Dog at Pawsome Pets GuyanaJillian Viola Moore, Owner

“Pawsome Pets is really an awesome pet store. Apart from grooming, owners can pick needed items for their pets, not just eatables, but a variety of toys right down to cute little ties and bows”

Dog post grooming, reviews and services at Pawsome Pets GuyanaOluatoyin Alleyne, Owner

“Wonderful caring team led by Luana Pierre. Expert service, great retail options as well. Your dogs will say thank you!”

Dog Grooming, reviews and services at Pawsome Pets GuyanaDebra GW, Owner

“Five Stars!”

Dog with pink bows Post Grooming, reviews and services at Pawsome Pets GuyanaTatyana James , Owner

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