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Intestinal worms pose a serious threat to your puppy’s health and are extremely common–98 percent of puppies are born with worms they have contracted from their mother in utero. Puppy wormer medications effectively treat worms, but it’s important to administer them for long enough and at the proper intervals to kill all of the parasites.


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White Dog at Pawsome Pets Guyana

Pierre and her two staff see about five dogs a day with the weekends being the heaviest time of the week. While it is “kind of hard” working seven days a week Pierre said, “… I may come here tired but once I see that animal I would just go and I would go until I am finished.”

Luana Pierre, Owner

“The store has 150 registered animals and while it is recommended that they be groomed every six weeks there are some clients who visit every two weeks and even some who visit every week.”

Luana Pierre, Owner

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