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She Rocks! Groomer Luana Pierre Will Transform Your Pets From Rags To Riches


She Rocks! Grommer Luana Pierre Will Transform Your Pets From Rags To Riches From Guyanese Girls Rock "Luana Pierre is the owner of Pawsome Pets Guyana, a new pet grooming business located in Georgetown. Pawsome Pets Guyana is the only professional pet grooming service in the country. Mrs. Pierre has

She Rocks! Groomer Luana Pierre Will Transform Your Pets From Rags To Riches2018-07-27T19:11:52-04:00

The Birdmen of Queens – The Singing Finches


The Famous Bird Men of New York Via - The New York Times "Ray Harinarain cut the lusty Hellcat engine of his Dodge Challenger and gently lifted his birdcage from the front seat. Mr. Harinarain, a heating and air-conditioner repairman from Brooklyn, joined a procession of middle-aged men

The Birdmen of Queens – The Singing Finches2018-07-26T11:37:39-04:00

New York Finch Singing Contest Crackdown


Police Crackdown On New York Finch Singing Contests Via - Pawzworthy "Finch singing competitions have long been a popular cultural pastime in parts of South America and the Caribbean. For decades, immigrants from Guyana and other countries in that region have been holding what they term "bird racing"

New York Finch Singing Contest Crackdown2018-07-26T11:06:29-04:00

Diabetes and Your Pet


Special Needs: Caring for Your Pet’s Diabetes Via Happy Paws Pet Blog "Diabetes is a disease we are familiar with. It’s so prevalent in people that most of us know at least one person who is dealing with this illness. Many people may not be aware that diabetes is

Diabetes and Your Pet2018-07-23T09:31:25-04:00

Lucy – Guianensis


A Farewell To Lucy- From Meshach Pierre “It’s inevitable when you buy the pet. You’re supposed to know it in the pet shop. It’s going to end badly. You are purchasing a small tragedy,” – George Carlin. "If you've ever came to our house, you knew Lucy. Today, after

Lucy – Guianensis2018-07-20T19:22:34-04:00
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