New York Finch Singing Contest Crackdown

New York Finch Singing Contest Crackdown

Police Crackdown On New York Finch Singing Contests

Via – Pawzworthy

“Finch singing competitions have long been a popular cultural pastime in parts of South America and the Caribbean. For decades, immigrants from Guyana and other countries in that region have been holding what they term “bird racing” (actually speed-singing) competitions in New York public parks.

In nature, two male chestnut-bellied seed finches (Oryzoborus angolensis) will compete with each other in a kind of “sing-off” for the attention of females. In a “bird racing” contest, cages containing two competing birds are hung on a pole. Judges make a count as each bird sings; each pause in a bird’s rapid-fire singing denotes one ‘song’. The first bird to fifty songs is the winner.”

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