Reasons Why Reptiles Make Good Pets

Reasons Why Reptiles Make Good Pets

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When you think pet you tend to think cats and dogs, but here are 10 reasons why reptiles make great pets as well.

From pets4homes

  • They are not as messy as the average mammal. They can stay confined to a vivarium or tank and if kept clean, they do not smell at all.

  • No fur, dust mites or pet dander which accounts for a large percentage of allergies in the home.

  • Feeding may be as little as a couple of times a month, or even longer.

  • Some species live longer than other pets. It is not uncommon for some pets to live for a very long time.

  • They will recognize you and some will have favorite family members. Some seek out their owners for attention especially turtles.

  • They are content to be left at home for an entire day or even for overnight trips.

  • They do not need walks, grooming or training.

  • You can create a slice of the rainforest, desert or other landscape in your own home. Create a home that in some ways protect the species from the wild.

  • You never stop learning, there is so much to learn and so much more research available every day. They are a gateway to learning.

  • They can be inexpensive over time although there may be some initial investment in equipment.

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