Keeping Your Dog’s Coat Healthy

Keeping Your Dog’s Coat Healthy
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A Good Diet Is Essential

A healthy coat means a healthy pet, here are a few tips for keeping your dog’s coat healthy

  • Pay attention to your dog’s food. Omega – 6 is an important ingredient!

  • Keep food fresh. Essential fatty acids are prone to oxidation when exposed to air.

  • Add flaxseed oil and fish oil supplements ( Omega- 3) to support a healthy skin and coart. Do not give too much, it can cause upset stomachs and digestive issues.

  • Follow a proper bathing routine. Some dogs have skin that can only be shampooed and bathed once every few months. Other dogs need weekly baths.

  • Choose the right shampoo, ask your groomer for advice for the times when they are not at the grooming salon.

  • Regularly brush and de-shed your pup.

  • Coconut Oil Supplements – Coconut Oil has lots of benefits. It helps with digestive health and preventing infection plus coat and skin health

  • Herbal remedies – Horsetail and Spirulina are two options that could give a got for your pup. Check with your vet for remedies.

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