10 Reasons For Alsatians

10 Reasons For Alsatians

The Great Alsatian

From The Odysseyonline

  • They are working dogs – They are highly intelligent animals with a strong sense of smell. They can be trained to do a variety of real life jobs.

  • The Head Tilt- Alsatians or German Shepherds try their hardest to understand what their owners are trying to say to them. If the dog is confused or trying to understand, it will tilt its head. Adorable!

  • They are always ready to run with you! They have lots of energy and love to run or stroll. Excellent companions. And no one will mess with you when you have an Alsatian as your companion.

  • As many Guyanese already know, they are great guard dogs. They are naturally protective of their families. If anyone comes near your home your Alsatian will let you know quickly.

  • They are big dogs and have no clue. They are not lap dogs and have a hard time trying to squeeze into tiny spaces which is always unintentionally funny.

  • They are great communicators. They are very good at letting you know how they feel. They bark and moan until they get your attention.

  • They are loyal to a fault. Every member of your family will be treated as a master.

  • They come in different shades- They are beautiful dogs with thick coats. Fur patterns usually come in shades of sable, black and white.

  • They love to play – The play from puppy stages through the adult years.

  • The best friend – For life and for keeps you will have no better friend than an Alsatian.

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